5 Types of Attitudes in a Team

You know Attitude matters a lot, especially if you are working in a team. Here are the 5 major types of attitudes in a team.

The Missy Miss perfect:

You can guess by the name.  These will be ladies most of the time and in rare occasions gents. He/She is the one who is happy during appraisal times and makes you uncomfortable that you are the only one who doesn’t work in a team. Her/His work is so perfect that is impossible to find a glitch. He/She has a format in her head and everything should be proceeded by that. (IT Hitler, might be a correct name to put it :P). And you can see the frustrations on his/her face if she added an extra space in preparing a document. At the start we find them amazing and inspirational. After a while we get the headaches if we are put together in the same team. It’s a little tough to cope up with them.

The Know It All:

He/She typically knows everything technically, functionally in a project level. Sometimes they show off and sometimes they don’t. They have a lot of information. Pretty interesting people. And if they don’t know something any event that’s happening in and around the building, the event doesn’t exist.

Mister Cool:

This is a rare species found in a team. Anything happens he/she will always try to be cool. These species tend to possess the rarest of the rare abilities “The Common Sense” :O (And some of us will be like “OMG! Is that a certification? Is it internal or external certification? Is it valuable?) When encountered an issue, he/she thinks ahead.

The Super excited Kinder Gardner:

Mostly, freshers will fall under this category. They get super excited about works at the start. They plan their life ahead. It will be fun watching because we did the same thing when we were freshers. And look at us now. 😀 (Just Kidding.. You are awesome too). Well don’t worry its just a phase you are going through. If this excitement of yours is consistent, then you will be great in no time.

The Simbu:

And for those who doesn’t know Simbu. He is the “Father of Controversies in Kollywood” (Google Beep Song Controversies to get to know him better :P). And because of this attitude, his career at Kollywood is difficult. Its like Saturn God’s home is literally is at his tongue. We know Politics exists everywhere. 😀 But these guys can’t handle those. And when he/she opens their mouth to speak, Saturn God starts to dance. He offends someone intentionally/unintentionally. You can get a Pop corn bucket during appraisal times, if you want to see an action packed entertainer. (Pity the managers)

If I have missed any other attitudes, please enter in the comments below. Have a Happy Moday!! Keep Smiling 🙂 (Ya like that)


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