Types of Mailers

The sole purpose of mail in the olden days was only for communication.

But being in an IT Industry, we know mails are more than that. Everybody knows that mails have so much inner meaning than what that is being said. The more experienced you are in IT, the more you will be able to understand the inner true meaning of what that is not even being said. 😀 So here are the types of mailers.

Also feel free to comment if I have missed out any of the type. 😛

The Story tellers:

These types are hilarious and these mails are the most fun to read. They have a two paragraph essay even for setting out “Out of Office” like so;

Owing to the Diwali festival in the coming weekend, I am sorry to say that I will not be available for the weekend, as I have already booked my train tickets in advance to my native Tiruchirappalli and I am in need to be there with my family and friends on this auspicious occasion. So In my absence John will take care of my work. He confirmed the same. If anything is more needed I will also be happy to help and will also available over phone, or in case of the worst I will also be available online, but it also depends on the availability of internet connection in my home. So please feel free to contact if needed.
P.S: I have also applied for my leave

And when we read this kind of message our first thought that strikes the mind will be “Bro. You forgot to mention the train seat number and attach the screenshot of the booked ticket with the mail


The Acronyms:

These mails are the ones where you open google all the time. It is a shame that we grow old and we are not aware of certain acronyms. I mean we know the basic ones. With the current increase in social platforms, every sentence has an acronym.

“<EOM> FYI: I will be OOO for the weekend. PFA the tasks to complete ASAP. Also CC’ed to PL, TL & M. BAC if I am B4 holidays will let you know. AFAIK I’ll not be available, but in the worst case if needed I will WFH. ADBB! </EOM>

After reading this your brain must have been like “WTH!”
And instead of doing your work, you should decode this entire message first to get the actual content and then proceed with your work.


The Grammar Nazis:

They seem to be the native descendants of English, but actually they are not. And they can’t stand your grammar/ spelling mistakes. They reply in a way pointing every word that’s mentioned in your mail.
Because of these kind of people, you look at a 2 line for more than 1000 times before sending. Even then, the mail you sent is wrong (according to the Nazis). They are so rude sometimes, they throw uppercase letters at you in mails. 😀


The Lawyers:

Many of us are lawyers when it comes to mails. We rarely see mail as a tool for communication. More than that we see them as evidences. (You know what I mean *wink*)
Usage of the following terms may give you a hint:

As you mentioned earlier” (Actual Translation: I did what you said, and now you are telling me it’s wrong??? Don’t blame me.)
As we discussed over Lync” (Actual Translation: I know that Lync talks are unprofessional, but you confessed this is in lync. So I will mention in this master thread mail where clients are also involved.)
There seems to be a contradiction with what you said and what you did. PFA the mail that you have sent us previously. Please reconsider” (Actual Translation: Ha..!! I have Proof. (*evil laughs*))

We should have been lawyers instead.


Copy Pasters:

These people have worked a lot. Making them type a mail out adds to their tiredness. Instead take a past email, and edit the content to a slight degree. Voila! Mailing is done.

Sometimes they edit the content right in the body of the mail and leave the subject untouched and it will be like this.

Oct 28, 2016: OOO for the weekend due to Diwali.
Dec 31, 2016: OOO for the weekend due to Diwali.
Jan 16, 2017: OOO for the weekend due to Diwali.
Dec 31, 2017: OOO for the weekend due to Diwali.

They are so excited for the festival, so they celebrate it throughout the year.


These mails are just for fun and I know you guys are not so dumb and don’t take too personal!! 🙂


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