Paranormal Diaries #3

Parvathy was a strange kid at the school.

As we played she sat in the corner watching us. It felt a little weird every day, until I had the guts to talk about this to her.

“Heyyy you, Why are you watching us? If you want to play come and join us”

She was so happy and her eyes lit up and she said “So you can see me?”


Paranormal Diaries #2

I was late for my night shift and Dan has already called me twice.

I forgot my booze that day. Luckily Dan had some left over in his bottle.

As we drank together that night, we realized that the booze was a little weak and the cries in the mortuary were a little louder than it used to be.

Difference between a Boy & Man (55F)

All the boys at office laughed at the man, as he said

“Sorry guys can’t join the party. Have loads of work. Must pick up my kids from school and get the groceries”

who was raised by an independent single mother (A victim of domestic violence)