Weird guys and things in an elevator

Since we all work in high storey buildings, we are often used to these elevators. So obviously everyone might have encountered these things while you are in an elevator 😀 (P.S: Ground Floor guys just skip this article :D:P)


Some of you guys, wants that particular lift to be their own. (Even I do that sometimes. :P) When you are in a hurry, you go inside as fast as you can and immediately press the close button. You might even kick it so hard till it closes. 😀 But, lift doors are not as speed as your reflexes. 😀

The most embarrassing moment is when you close the door at the face of somebody they will press the button outside and it opens again. And they will come inside and look at you up and down. And what do we do? Since we do not have anything inside to escape. We stare at the Lift buttons until they get down in their floor :D. (I know that feeling too ;-( )


Yup the Loudmouths in an elevator. Persons in the lift will be going through “Inner Peace” until these speakers arrive. They talk about everyone in their team. And everybody will be listening to those stories. And speakers do not mind. You should be watching your back. Coz you don’t know the people in the lift might also be related to the one you speak about. 😀 (Hope this silences them)


They are the ones with headphones like Sony, Skullcandy, Bose etc. They are service minded people. They are like “Let everyone listen to my song” and some even feel like “I am the one who brings peace to everyone’s mind in that lift” Sometimes it’s awkward because you are not familiar with that song. And if the song is awesome then, the girl/man will be getting down soon in another floor. And what do we do. We go to our cabin and download that song immediately. The worst part is whether it’s a good song or the one you hate, it gets stuck inside your head. You will be humming it or singing the same song for the entire day.

The Smokers:

I know you are well stressed and so you go out and take a puff or two. That’s your problem. That doesn’t mean, you should come in like Thuppaki Vijay.


(P.S: You’re not cool like that poster). You guys make everyone uncomfortable in the elevator. And please keep your Tumerous friend to your lungs. We do not have any intentions, to take them into our lungs.

Weird things that happens in a lift is,

When you are in  hurry, getting late for cab/bus and press that button you will be hearing that “Ding” sound a lot and none of the lift arrives. But those lifts keep on Dinging. And we will be there like :'(.

And when one lift comes in and you are the only person to get into that, you will be the happiest persons in your life. But there comes a twist. And that stupid lift stops at each and every floor till you reach the ground floor. (Is this a lift or a Town bus?) And thanks to that lift, you should be running like Usain Bolt to catch your cab/bus.

Any other weird/funny thing that has happened to you? Please comment and share 🙂


Which Driver should you trust on Roads?

You can relate to this post if you own a vehicle.

So we all know that (inside our heads) we are really safe and we are the best drivers in the world. 😀 Some of us, assume that we are like Jason Statham from Transporter. (Actually we are not). This article helps you in clearing the mind off whom you cannot trust when you are driving a vehicle.

A. The one with Big Trucks/Containers/Busses:

Clearly the drivers of these huge vehicles are tired dragging these big things all over the city. And they have a lot of time constraints with their arrival/delivery. There are several blind spots for big trucks.

Wondering What’s a Blind Spot?

For those whom you wonder what’s a blind spot, (To put it simple) it’s the spot where you are blind. We do not posses the ability to rotate the eyes and heads to check everywhere like Chameleons and Owls. We are humans.

We are blind in some spots while driving. Not only the driver should be aware of the blind spots. Everyone should know where to, and where not to drive a vehicle. Highways are most dangerous than heavy trafficked roads. Better watch where you go.

These are the “No Zones” while there’s a truck on road.

Blind Spot

B. Car Drivers:

Some car drivers assume they are the “Pilots” and go at a speed where everyone gets an heart attack (The ones inside the Car as well as the vehicles that are on road) If you can assume their faces deep down inside, it would be somewhat like this.

Car Drivers

While some of them irritates with their “L” Boards and “Baby on Board” sticker signs. (Bullock carts are much more faster than your car). Yes I know you are driving safe, respecting all rules and such stuff. At least leave the way for the people coming behind. Do not Irritate them. 😀

C. Share Autos/Autos:

This is a fact. “Never Ever Trust an Auto/Share Auto” (that too if you’re a Chennaite). You can never guess what he thinks in his head. If you can relate vehicles to persons, then definitely Share Autos/Autos are Psycho Mad Killers on Loose. 😀 (Warning: Do not Approach them)



D. Bikers:

If we start on this topic, its going to be endless. Yes we all know bikes have the most advantage since you can drive even in the narrowest way present. Just because of that one particular reason, doesn’t mean you should be making all the people angry. I always wonder, how and in what way does this heavy traffic look like a fun Video game??? Zig Zagging all the stupid possible ways. Like Video Games you do not have another life. (Think about it)

And I think that those who have these big racing bikes and bullets often assume that “All the road’s a Racing ground”. And there are people who have fancy horn sounds. Some are cute, while some honk the life out of us. 😀 You don’t need to see these bikers, because hearing these kinda bike sounds gives a heart attack.

So the point made is never trust anyone on roads 😀 , because you can never guess what can happen. Keep your eyes wide open and drive safe. 🙂

P.S : Do Not Drink N D(r)i(v)e

Difference between a Boy & Man (55F)

All the boys at office laughed at the man, as he said

“Sorry guys can’t join the party. Have loads of work. Must pick up my kids from school and get the groceries”

who was raised by an independent single mother (A victim of domestic violence)


Types of Mailers

The sole purpose of mail in the olden days was only for communication.

But being in an IT Industry, we know mails are more than that. Everybody knows that mails have so much inner meaning than what that is being said. The more experienced you are in IT, the more you will be able to understand the inner true meaning of what that is not even being said. 😀 So here are the types of mailers.

Also feel free to comment if I have missed out any of the type. 😛

The Story tellers:

These types are hilarious and these mails are the most fun to read. They have a two paragraph essay even for setting out “Out of Office” like so;

Owing to the Diwali festival in the coming weekend, I am sorry to say that I will not be available for the weekend, as I have already booked my train tickets in advance to my native Tiruchirappalli and I am in need to be there with my family and friends on this auspicious occasion. So In my absence John will take care of my work. He confirmed the same. If anything is more needed I will also be happy to help and will also available over phone, or in case of the worst I will also be available online, but it also depends on the availability of internet connection in my home. So please feel free to contact if needed.
P.S: I have also applied for my leave

And when we read this kind of message our first thought that strikes the mind will be “Bro. You forgot to mention the train seat number and attach the screenshot of the booked ticket with the mail


The Acronyms:

These mails are the ones where you open google all the time. It is a shame that we grow old and we are not aware of certain acronyms. I mean we know the basic ones. With the current increase in social platforms, every sentence has an acronym.

“<EOM> FYI: I will be OOO for the weekend. PFA the tasks to complete ASAP. Also CC’ed to PL, TL & M. BAC if I am B4 holidays will let you know. AFAIK I’ll not be available, but in the worst case if needed I will WFH. ADBB! </EOM>

After reading this your brain must have been like “WTH!”
And instead of doing your work, you should decode this entire message first to get the actual content and then proceed with your work.


The Grammar Nazis:

They seem to be the native descendants of English, but actually they are not. And they can’t stand your grammar/ spelling mistakes. They reply in a way pointing every word that’s mentioned in your mail.
Because of these kind of people, you look at a 2 line for more than 1000 times before sending. Even then, the mail you sent is wrong (according to the Nazis). They are so rude sometimes, they throw uppercase letters at you in mails. 😀


The Lawyers:

Many of us are lawyers when it comes to mails. We rarely see mail as a tool for communication. More than that we see them as evidences. (You know what I mean *wink*)
Usage of the following terms may give you a hint:

As you mentioned earlier” (Actual Translation: I did what you said, and now you are telling me it’s wrong??? Don’t blame me.)
As we discussed over Lync” (Actual Translation: I know that Lync talks are unprofessional, but you confessed this is in lync. So I will mention in this master thread mail where clients are also involved.)
There seems to be a contradiction with what you said and what you did. PFA the mail that you have sent us previously. Please reconsider” (Actual Translation: Ha..!! I have Proof. (*evil laughs*))

We should have been lawyers instead.


Copy Pasters:

These people have worked a lot. Making them type a mail out adds to their tiredness. Instead take a past email, and edit the content to a slight degree. Voila! Mailing is done.

Sometimes they edit the content right in the body of the mail and leave the subject untouched and it will be like this.

Oct 28, 2016: OOO for the weekend due to Diwali.
Dec 31, 2016: OOO for the weekend due to Diwali.
Jan 16, 2017: OOO for the weekend due to Diwali.
Dec 31, 2017: OOO for the weekend due to Diwali.

They are so excited for the festival, so they celebrate it throughout the year.


These mails are just for fun and I know you guys are not so dumb and don’t take too personal!! 🙂