Little Andaman

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Little Andaman is the 4th largest island in the Andaman islands. Lies at the Southern end of the Archipelago. In great Andaman it is seperated from Rutland island by the Duncan passage. Tourists season are between the months of November to April. Consists of Palm Oil plantations. And it consists of 4 graam panchayats.

This island is said to be a virgin i.e. the island has quite very low tourist attractions compared to that of other parts of Andaman & Nicobar.

Located at: It is located at the southern end of the Archipelago and it’s at a distance of 120km from Port Blair.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. Cultivation & Fisheries are the jobs of people since several decades. Due to the advancement in the technology Oil plantation Industries are also setup. This is the home of Onge aboriginal tribe that existed in little Andaman. They named the island as “Egu Belong”. Also settlers from Bangladesh are also present there.


The low lying island has very few attractions but it has a widespread rainforest and serves as a homeplace for many species of Marine turtle. The island has white sandy beaches and excellent waterfalls. The areas offer and entertain with Surfing, boating through the creeks, elephant safaris, Elephant Lumbering & Elephant caves training.

Local Languages spoken: Tamil, Bengali,

Tourist Attractions:

  • Waterfalls:

Waterfalls are of the ultimate attraction in Little Andaman. But the tourists are advised not to swim in Waterfalls due to the existence of Crocodiles.

  • White Surf Waterfalls is located in the midst of a tropical forest. Aslo elephant Safaris are available.
  • Other waterfall that attracts the tourists is the Whisper wave waterfalls. It’s located in the midst of Jungle surrounded by Bamboo grass. The trip to these waterfalls are like going on a hike.
  • Bala Reef: Bala reef is a reef that consists of multiple coral gardens and one can spot various types of fish. Adventures like Scuba diving are highly encouraged.
  • Beaches: There are 2 famous beaches in Little Andaman. They are Butler Bay Beach & Netaji Nagar Beach
  • Butler Bay Beach: It’s a virgin beach that offers a long sandy shore. ANIFPDCL maintains the beach and it offers Nicobaree style cottages to the Tourists at a reasonable payment. But the sea is quite rough with crocodiles wandering. It’s a place to take rest. There’s also a Boat ride from Butler Bay to Palm Oil factory is quite interesting. It’s an excellent place for sun basking, coral viewing and surfing.
  • Netaji Nagar Beach: This is another beach that attracts less tourists and located along the roadside of the village.
  • Dams: There are two dams in Little Andaman namely Ramakrishnapur and Vivekanadapuram. These are not yet explored by the tourists but these are the potential attractions of Little Andaman.
  • Travel around the areas in bikes. Also Buses, Auto-rickshaws are also available for the transportation of Tourists. And the people are also friendly. You can get free lifts too if you’re lucky.

Important: Entry to Little Andaman is only from Port Blair where 7 to 9 hours voyage is required. Stay facilities are also limited in Little Andaman.


Great Nicobar



Nicobar islands are the largest islands in India and north of Sumatra. Great Nicobar is sparsely inhabitant with dense and thick forests suitable only for maintaining Reserves.

Located at: Southeast Asia. Located as a chain of islands in the eastern Indian Ocean. Indira point the southern tip of Great Nicobar is the southernmost tip of India.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. These islands refer to the Sri Lankan Pali Buddhist chronicles. The modern name is derived from the Chozha dynasty(Nakkavaram) inscribed in Thanjavur. This was under the Danish East India company during the Colonization period. And during World war 2 these islands were occupied by Japan.


It consists of 3 divisions each having both habitant and inhabitant places. The population is about 42,000 alone and consists of various indigenous tribes. But the major disadvantage is that Non Indians are not allowed to visit these islands. A special permit should be required from the government.


Shompen are the indigenous people of the interior Nicobar islands. They belong to the Scheduled Tribes. The ylive on the western side of the islands and call themselves “Kalay” and those who live on the eatern side are known as “Keyet” with both groups referring each other as Buavela.


It consists of 22 islands approximately. And are divided into Northern, Central and Southern group.

Northern group:

Consists of Car Nicobar & Battimaly.

Central group:

Consists of 9 islands.

  • Chaura
  • Teressa
  • Bompuka
  • Katchal
  • Camorta
  • Nankowry
  • Trinket
  • Laouk
  • Tillangchong

Southern group:

Consists of 5 areas namely:

  • Great Nicobar
  • Little Nicobar
  • Kondul
  • Pulo Milo
  • Meroe

Local Languages spoken: Nicobarese language is the local language spoken by tribes.

 Climate: The climate is typically tropical but is moderated by sea breezes. Heavy showers occur due to the southwest monsson from May to September. And during October to November Tropical cyclones occur.

Tourist Spots:

Indira point:

Named after Prime minister Indira Gandhi. It’s the southernmost tip of Nicobar islands. Formerly it was known by many names such as Pygmalion point, Parsons point & sometimes India Point. It’s locates 540km from Port blair. Takes a day sea voyage to reach here. Kanyakumari (southern most tip of India) is loctaed slightly north of Indira point.

The lighthouse stands as a beacon in not only for the ships but also to Nicobar. It’s the biggest landmark on the International shipping lane. It also has a helipad.

Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve:

          It has 2 National parks of India namely the Campbell National park in the north and Galathea National park in the south. This reserve is the home for many species of Flora and Fauna. And still the endemic species are also preserved here. The non biosphere parts have been set for agricultural purposes.

Campbell Bay:

Campbell bay is a part of the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve. One can reach Campbell Bay from Port Blair by Pawan Hans helicopter service.


Beaches are sparsely populated give a way to an ocean brimming with interesting marine life and many beautiful Coral gardens are also present.

Goa – India

Goa is one of the famous beaches known in India. It’s the best place to party all day. Its all we know. In this article you’ll get about the beauty of Goa.


About Goa:

Goa is one of the main Union terretories of India and is the richest state with a GDP per capita 2 and a half time greater than the country as a whole. Panaji is the capital and “Vascodagama” is the largest city.

Located at: West India, also known as “Konkan”. In the Western Ghats range.


Every place has its own History and Geography which makes it more interesting and makes it the best reason for travelling purpose. The historic city of Margao still exhibits the cultural influence of portugeese. Goa was a former Portugeese province. After Independence Portugeese did not negotiate with the orders of India. And hence India planned “Operation Vijay” which resulted in the annexation of Goa.


The coastline extends upto 63miles. It rises upto the range of Western Ghats which seperates from the Deccan Plateau. The highest point is Sonsogor. 5 rivers Mandovi, Zuari, Terekhol, Chaporakushavati and Sal flow through Goa.

Of these Zuari and Mandovi are the lifelines of Goa. The rocks are classified as Trondjemetic Gneiss are estimated to be around 3,600 million years old.

Local Languages spoken: Konkani, Marathi, Portugeese.


Features a Tropical Monsoon climate and is generally Hot and Humid all over the year. May month is said to be the hottest month. And the Monsoon rain arrives early by June and lasts upto September. It has a short winter season during mid December and February.


North Goa:

Comprises Panaji as their headquarters. It’s subdivided into 4 divisions and 6 taluks.

South Goa:

Comprises of Margao as their headquarters. Subdivided into 3 divisions and 6 taluks.

Tourist Spots:

Tourism is quite concentrated in the coastal areas of Goa whereas the inland has decreased Tourist Activity. Official website for Goa tourism is in the following link. where you can get almost all types of booking facilities and rates for each place where you wish to travel.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls:

Dudhsagar Waterfalls are one of the most spectacular sceneries and it adds to the natural beauty to Goa. A large volume of water falling from several hundred of feet and creating a milky mist appearance and hence the name “Dudhsagar”. A best place for Trekkers and Hikers. Spa resorts are also available.

Backwater Thrills:

These are the famous cruises that are on the banks of Mandovi river. The cruise helps you to enjoy the natural beauty of Goa. Sceneries like Thick and green lush Mangroves or if you’re lucky enough you can even spot a crocodile on the banks. This cruise might thrill the bird watchers. It takes you close to the Salim Ali’s Bird Sanctuary where you can see all the types of Migratory birds. Dinner cruises are also available with lot of entertainment on deck.

Naval Aviation Museum:

Naval Aviation is one of a kind among the 3 Aviation museums that are located in India. It is a military museum where it consists the evolution of Indian Naval Air Arm over the decades. Consists of Outdoor exhibits and two-storeyed Indoor gallery exhibit. Timings to view are 10 a.m to 5 p.m. Closed during Mondays.

Goa State Museum:

          Lies at Panaji. The museum has 8000 artifacts for display purpose. Well known for collection of Hindu & Jain artifacts and sculptures. Admission is free. And is open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m


Goa is all time famous for 24×7 parties held at clubs. Tito’s club are the famous in clubs at Goa. These forms the biggest entertainment in Goa. Tito’s club gives you a platform which is big enough for a large crowd to party. With private tables and pubs are present at the first floor.

Apart from this beaches are the best places to enjoy the sceneric beauty. Goa is the best place to sit back and relax.